Dr. Houtan, NMD

Dr. Houtan is a naturopathic physician who empowers you to find and maintain your ideal wellness.

Dr. Houtaneh Houtan, NMD

First, She Listens

Have you tried to work with other doctors who just don’t listen or take the time to understand your concerns? Dr. Houtan listens first to understand what your body is telling us.

Doctor with stethoscope

To start, your concerns are unpacked from head to toe to create a full picture of your health.

Notebook and pen

Next, a full roadmap to ideal wellness is personalized and developed just for you.

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Last, we work together to improve and maintain your wellness for now and the rest of your life.


Her Focus

Naturopathic Fertility

Using a natural and holistic approach, Dr. Houtan helps women overcome fertility challenges where traditional medicine has failed them.

Holistic Fertility

Meet Dr. Houtan

Dr. Houtaneh Houtan, NMD

Dr. Houtaneh Houtan, NMD, a.k.a ‘Dr. Houtie,’ is a licensed naturopathic physician practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She helps people from all walks of life find their ideal wellness and increase their quality of life to feel better than ever before. Learn more about Dr. Houtan.

Dr. Houtan's Focuses:

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