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Dr. Houtie, NMD - Fertility Naturopath

With her natural and holistic system, Dr. Houtan helps women like you overcome your fertility challenges where traditional medicine has failed you.

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In your initial consult we uncover your ideal wellness and build a health plan to move forward.

Your Ideal Wellness

Once committed to your ideal wellness, we move towards overcoming your fertility challenges.


We transform your health naturally and holistically to prepare your body for life-changing fertility.

Natural Fertility

By removing obstacles to wellness and harnessing your body's innate capacity to heal, natural fertility can flourish

Fertility Success

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Dr. Houtan helps women from all walks of life overcome their fertility challenges with a holistic, natural process that centers around wellness and fertility health.

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Dr. Hout literally changed my life. I had hormone imbalances so severe that I was unable to get and maintain a pregnancy. After having a miscarriage, I started working with her and 6 months later got pregnant with my now 7 month old daughter.

She fully listened to and addressed all of my symptoms and concerns, where other doctors just wanted me to begin medicated cycles and hope for the best. She helped me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period and I’m 7 months PP and feeling amazing and better than even before. I would, and do, recommend her to anyone!

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