Naturopathic Fertility

Dr. Houtan's approach to supporting fertility (in women and men) is to start with the foundational pillars of health. Are you sleeping soundly each night? Are you eating nutrient-rich foods? Are you building a life that brings you joy and peace?

Once the fundamental aspects of health have been addressed, she then uses general fertility support remedies plus specific remedies tailored to each patient to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Naturopathic Fertility - Uterus
Hormonal Imbalances - Brain

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances vary depending on the patient. Dr. Houtan sees both women and men who experience sex hormone, adrenal hormone, thyroid hormone disturbances, or menopausal issues.

Dr. Houtan addresses all varieties of hormonal concerns by viewing the patient as a whole, and balancing physiology in various ways as needed for each individual patient.


Digestion is one of the most common concerns in patients. In naturopathic medicine, it is said that “all health begins in the gut” — and this has proven itself to be true time and time again!

While diet is important, food hygiene extends far beyond the food you eat. Do you eat on the go? Are you chewing enough and with proper mechanics? Are you distracting yourself while you eat, or are you relaxed?

Once these important habits have been addressed, Dr. Houtan then focuses on improving inherent digestive power through herbs and other natural remedies.

Digestion - Liver
Metabolism - Lungs


When cellular metabolism is aberrant, nothing in the cell functions properly and you are left with diseased tissue. Poor metabolism often leads to cardiovascular disease, obesity, blood sugar dysregulation (aka diabetes), chronic fatigue, the list goes on.

So, what causes poor metabolism? In Dr. Houtan's words, "Poor metabolism (and ultimately disease) is caused by violating the laws of nature."

The good news is, with proper guidance and a bit of hard work on your end, Dr. Houtan can get you right back on track.

Cardiovascular Health - Heart

Cardiovascular Health

There are so many misconceptions regarding cardiovascular health. Despite what you may have been told, meat and fat are not the enemy. They do not inherently “cause” heart disease or vascular disease.

It is Dr. Houtan's mission to educate her patients on the true culprits of cardiovascular disease. What cooking oils do you use? How much sugar and processed food are in your diet? What kinds of environmental toxins are you exposed to?

It's time we stop villifying meat and fat and get to the root of what's making us sick.

Kidney Disease

Chronically diseased kidneys are often a reflection of toxic burden and metabolic health.

With detailed care, Dr. Houtan helps her patients make the right lifestyle choices to support proper kidney function while helping them to avoid any drugs that damage the kidneys.

Kidney Disease - Kidneys
Nutrition - Spine


The removal of toxins and the improvement in nutrient status is a great first step towards achieving better health. This starts with the food you eat every single day.

A good diet consists of the lowest level of toxicants alongside the highest level of nutrients. It's important to seek nutrient dense, seasonal, and overall high-quality food.

Beyond these general guidelines, Dr. Houtan provides every person with personalized nutritional advice that suits their particular medical and lifestyle needs.