5 ways to improve your health for free

Improving your health doesn't have to cost a penny.

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  1. Remove processed food from your diet.

If you choose to eat fresh produce, meats, and dairy products, you’re not only avoiding toxic garbage in processed foods, but you’re also most likely to avoid their expensive price tags. Additionally, there are plenty of nifty companies out there now (for example Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market) that provide organic produce at a discounted price. Less toxins + more nutrients = win!

  1. Sleep at least 8-9 hours/night (more if you’re stressed!).

The only thing that sleeping more will cost you is time, but you will gain energy, stamina, recovery, and beauty. That’s right, sleeping more makes you prettier and healthier!

  1. Move your body.

Humans were meant to move. If you don’t have access to a gym, you can walk outside or do bodyweight movements. If you have trouble with certain movements, flex your creativity muscles and come up with sustainable games/activities that will keep you active. Movement provides crucial blood flow and muscle building capacity which keeps us humans metabolically resilient.

  1. Expose your skin to the sun.

I know, you’ve heard that sunlight causes cancer. For the most part, this isn’t true. Humans evolved with the sun. Depending on where you live and your skin tone, the amount of sunlight exposure for each person is unique but still vital for proper health. Try using the app “D-minder” to help you understand how much sunlight you should strive to obtain.

  1. Be mindful of bright lights at night.

This is the antithesis of the previous point. Just like our bodies evolved to require sunlight exposure during the day, we also evolved to require low light at night. This allows for appropriate melatonin secretion, and molecule that is needed for healthy sleep. So here’s the punchline: turn the lights off at night. Use candles or dim lighting (candles, string lights, etc) if you require visibility.

Disclaimer: *Please note that I don’t have any affiliation with any products or companies named above. I’m simply listing them as examples. Conduct your own research before committing to anything.*

*Please also note that none of this is medical advice. It is for educational and editorial purposes only. Consult with your doctor before making any changes to your life that may effect your health.*

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