5 ways to invest money into your health

If you want to spend money on your health, here are some great options.

Dr. Houtan with organic vegetables

My previous blog post detailed how you can improve your health for free. Here, we are taking the opposite approach. If you want to spend your dollars on things that will improve your health, try the suggestions below.

  1. Only purchase organic food.

This is one of the best ways to spend your health dollars. Choose fresh produce, meats, dairy products that are organic. If it’s not organic, don’t buy it. This goes a long way towards reducing your toxic burden over time.

  1. Drink the cleanest water that you have access to.

There are several ways to do this; some ways are more expensive, and some are more affordable. One of the most affordable and most healthful water filtration systems is the Berkey. The Berkey is a standalone gravity filter which travels well and doesn’t require being “plugged in” to your home. Another option is a Reverse Osmosis system that can either be locally installed under the sink (more affordable), or can be installed at a point-of-entry so that the entire plumbing system of the house is filtered (more expensive).

  1. Use the least toxic cleaning supplies.

Switching your household (and personal hygiene) cleaning supplies to the “natural” alternatives is an easy way to invest in your health and the health of everyone in your household. The less toxins in your environment, the less your overall toxic burden. Making your own cleaning supplies at home is easy and accessible now (a quick internet search will reveal an endless supply), but you can also purchase from brands like 100% Pure, Primally Pure, Primal Life Organics, The Earthling Co, Meliora, Zero Waste Store.

  1. Buy an air filter.

Indoor air quality is abysmal. The EPA estimates that indoor air quality is 2-5x worse, and can be more than 100x worse, than outdoor air. There are many reasons for this: use of indoor chemicals, lack of air flow (aka “trapped air”), pathogen growth, etc. One thing that can be done about this, aside from the points discussed in the previous bullet, is investing in a HEPA (“high-efficiency particulate absorbing”) air filter. There are many HEPA filters out there, but IQ Air, Dyson, and Molekule are some examples.

  1. Consider low-blue light bulbs and/or blue light-blocking glasses.

Remember in the previous blog where we discussed the importance of avoiding bright lights at night? Well, if you must use lights, you might consider investing in low-blue light bulbs which emit less of the specific frequency of light that leads to “alertness” at night. Bluelight Blocking Products has a vast array of supplies to this end.

Disclaimer: *Please note that I don’t have any affiliation with any products or companies named above. I’m simply listing them as examples. Conduct your own research before committing to anything.*

*Please also note that none of this is medical advice. It is for educational and editorial purposes only. Consult with your doctor before making any changes to your life that may effect your health.*

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